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Final Recording Track

God Bless America Background Track
00:00 / 02:32

Guide Vocal Track

Guide Track - God Bless AmericaVocal Guide Track
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Join Our Virtual Choir! 

All ages and music abilities are welcome to participate! 


Record yourself singing God Bless America with the provided accompaniment track.   The videos will then be merged together to form our community Virtual Choir! 

The Final Video will be a part of a community program airing on July 4th - Let's all come together and create something beautiful! 



First: Practice singing through the song, God Bless America, a few times before you record yourself.


The audio accompaniment track is available here, as well as a track with guide vocals.  Lyrics are available below for download.    


Second: When you are ready - put in headphones to allow you to hear the music but not have it heard on the recording.   Sing and record yourself - we want to see you so make sure its a video!  A bonus if you wear Red, White or Blue!  

Third:  Send the recording of your video to by June 14th.  

If you have any questions, issues or concerns please contact us at (951) 264-5794 or email


  • Please have fun with this, all vocal abilities will have a place in the virtual choir, no judgement!

  • Sing out, and have fun singing in this virtual format!

  • Please reach out with questions

  • Thanks and break a leg!

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