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Upcoming Auditions

There truly is no place like home as the greatest family musical of all time, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, comes to CORONA! The entire family will be captivated as they travel down the Yellow Brick Road and beyond with Dorothy, Toto, and their friends the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow.  The Wizard of Oz will blow you away from the moment the tornado touches down and transports you to a dazzling Oz, complete with munchkins, ozians, winkie, poppies and flying monkeys. Don’t miss the chance to travel Over the Rainbow and experience this musical treasure on stage!

MONDAY, OCTOBER 2nd 5:30 - 9pm 
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd 5:30 - 9pm 


DANCE & VOCAL CALLBACKS (by invitation only)
Saturday, OCTOBER 7th at 9am

Please be prepared to:
– Sing 16 - 32 bars of a classic musical theatre song of your choice. Songs from the Show are ENCOURAGED.  You must sing with our provided accompanist.  No a-cappella singing will be allowed. The first audition will be VOCAL ONLY - dance auditions will be at the callbacks. 

– Be prepared to fill out a conflict sheet at auditions (be as specific as possible about conflicts throughout the rehearsal period)

Audition Appointments can be scheduled by emailing  Audition Appointments are not required but will be honored first over walk-ups.  All auditions will be seen but there will be a wait for walk-ups.  

* A VIDEO Audition May be submitted if you are unable to attend the schedule auditions. Video Submissions should be sent  to by October 1st.  Please include a list of all conflicts with the rehearsal schedule as well as your resume and casting preference.   

Rehearsals will begin in October 23rd. Rehearsals are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Evenings and Saturday mornings. Not all performers will be called for every rehearsal.    Rehearsals begin earlier than usual to accommodate Holiays in November & December.   

January 26 10am & 7pm 
January 27th 1pm & 7pm 

January 28th 2pm 
February 2nd 7pm 
February 3rd 1pm & 7pm 

February 4th 2pm 

There will be a morning performance on January 26th with the possibility of a morning performance on February 2nd as well.  There is the possibility of extending the run through February 10th so you must be available.


THE ROLE OF Dorothy Gale has already been Cast

Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz – Professor Marvel portrays himself as one who knows many things and has great wisdom in all matters with the help of his crystal ball. Must be a strong actor. Wizard of Oz is a mysterious character that rules over Oz.

Hunk/The Scarecrow – Hunk is the thinker of the bunch who speaks his mind. The Scarecrow is made of straw and walks with constant unrestricted movements. He has no brain but often says more intelligent and insightful things than any other person in the musical.

Zeke/The Cowardly Lion – Zeke is the farmhand Dorothy turns to for encouragement and courage. He is sweet and comforting but easily spooked. The Cowardly Lion wishes to go home throughout the adventures in Oz but his friends never let him. In the end he finds the courage he thought he was lacking.

Hickory/The Tin Man – Hickory is emotionally charged farmhand who desires great things. He is quick witted and lovable. The Tin Man is the most loving and emotional character in the musical. He wants nothing more than to have his heart back. He is strong, protective, and encouraging.

Aunt Em/Glinda the Good Witc (may be played by two separate actors) – Emily Gale is the Aunt of Dorothy who leads a busy and tiring life on her Kansas farm. Glinda the Good Witch of the North watches over Dorothy and her friends. She is caring and nurturing and is a great aid to anyone in need. She must portray dignity and grace.

Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West – Miss Gulch is uptight neighbor who attempts to take Dorothy’s beloved dog Toto away from her. She is harsh, mean and strict spirit but also has a good delivery of sarcastic banter. The Wicked Witch of the West is the villain of our story. She follows our four friends throughout the land of OZ striking fear into them any way she can. While she is a bully with a fantastically creepy cackle she also has a playful fun side.

Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard – Dorothy’s pleasant uncle who helps oversee their farm, and is caring and protective of his family. The Guard is the first face our friends meet when arriving to the gates of the Emerald City. He is comic and has a strong presence.

Ensemble – We are looking to cast a child/teen ensemble as well as adult ensemble of between 10 - 15 performers. The ensemble will be VERY busy in roles such as Munchkins, Crows, Winkies, Flying Monkeys, Ozians, Emerald City citizens, Poppies, and more.    


Speaking roles & Soloists in Ensemble: 
Mayor of Munchkinland

Vice Mayor of Munchkinland 


Lullaby League 

Lollipop Guild 

Winkies General

Nikko  (Lead Flying Monkey) 

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